types of appointment

Appointments for consultation will be made by telephone and confirmed by post. We will make every effort to arrange a time that is convenient to you, however, if you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact the office directly.

Outpatient appointments are held at Springfield Hospital and the Chelmsford Medical Centre. Once you have arrived at the hospital, please ask the staff at the Reception Desk for directions to Mr Thilagarajah's Outpatients. There is a separate outpatients' desk at which you will be checked in and asked to wait.

Appointments for X-ray: The Reception Desk will point you in the direction of the X-ray bookings desk. You will either have your X-ray form with you or it will have been forwarded directly to the X-ray department.

Your appointment letter will tell you in advance.

The X-ray Reception telephone number is: 01245 234 070