leaving hospital

The catheter is removed a few hours after surgery and you may go home the same day. If you run into problems at home, you may telephone for advice.

You will be sent home with any medication you need and a letter for your General Practitioner.

Strenuous activity (e.g. digging) should be avoided for 2 weeks following your operation. Driving can be resumed after one week (some car insurances are not valid during the recovery period after an operation). Sports such as golf or cycling may be resumed after two weeks or when you feel fit.

Avoid becoming constipated as straining may lead to bleeding from your prostate cavity.

Sexual activity may be resumed as you feel fit. If you do ejaculate, there may be discoloration of the semen for some weeks. This is normal and soon settles.

You may return to work when you feel fit which may be between 2-7 days. A health certificate can be supplied on request.