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14-Jun-16 NICE has just released a news item that confirms that the XPS Greenlight laser procedure for prostatectomy has been fully approved. Mr Thilagarajah has been carrying out this procedure for over 12 years and has one of the largest experiences in this technique in the UK. More info at NICE Website.
09-Nov-15 Essex Urology meets with UKTI Senior Trade Commissioner to discuss expansion of services across the world at Innovate 2015.
08-Nov-15 Mr Thilagarajah attends the Finals of the Rolls Royce Science Prize at the Science Museum as part of the Gairloch High School Team.
18-Aug-15 Mr Thilagarajah performs transcontinental urology consultation today. Read more here.
20-Jul-15 Mr Thilagarajah welcomes the Chelmsford 41 Club to a Monte Carlo Evening. Read more here.
30-Apr-15 A new publication relating to patients' attitudes to be filmed during their Urology care. Read more here.
03-Jan-14 Chelmsford kidney op is viewed all around the world. Read more here.
03-Jan-14 Chelmsford kidney op is viewed all around the world. Read more here.
30-Aug-13 Comment on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the potential dangers patients face. Read more here.
22-Jul-13 Mr Ranjan Thilagarajah is pleased to announce the recent publication of the multicentre UK study of robotic partial nephrectomy. The paper has been published in the July issue of the Journal of Endourology. Please see here for full details.
30-May-13 Mr Thilagarajah has been appointed as the Urology Representative on the Medical Advisory Committee at the Princess Grace Hospital, London. The Committee advises on medical and surgical matters relating to the running of the hospital and is a valued position to accept.
30-Apr-13 The Essex and Herts Lithotriptor Centre treats 700th patient The Lithotriptor Service based at Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford has treated it's 700th patient this month. We are very pleased to announce this with patient satisfaction remaining at a high level. The average number of treatments required for stone clearance is now 1.7, which compares very highly when considered against operative options.
15-Apr-13 Focal HIFU Therapy can treat prostate cancer with minimal side effects: EDAP TMS has announced its new 'Focal.One' unit that allows treatment of prostate cancer with minimal side effects (i.e. impotence and incontinence). This therapy will be available in Chelmsford early this summer at Essex Urology.
01-Jun-12 New Consultant joins Essex Urology. We would like to welcome Mr Giulio Garaffa, Consultant Urological Surgeon to the team. Mr Garaffa specialises in Andrology and Erectile Dysfunction. Click here for further details.
01-Mar-12 New Greelight XPS system. Essex Urology, in association with Laser Associates, has upgraded it's laser to the new high power XPS 180W system. This is the new laser enables up to date laser prostatectomy for patients with benign prostate enlargement.
27-Oct-11 The team at Mid Essex Health Trust and Anglia Ruskin University have been working with Med World Live (USA) to introduce robotic surgery simulation training courses to assist in surgeons carrying out robotic surgery in the UK. Click here to find out more.
13 Jul 2011 MSc in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Mr Thilagarajah is involved in the setting up of Masters Course for minimally invasive surgery at Anglia Ruskin University. The Course is due to start in September 2011 and will take both UK and international students. See here for further details.
15 May 2010 Honorary Senior Lecturer post for Mr Thilagarajah - Mr Thilagarajah has been invited to join Anglia Ruskin University, Essex as a Honorary Senior Lecturer in Surgery this month. This privelege has been offered in connection with his work on PCA3 and the new laparoscopic training courses running at ARU this year. He hopes to cement the relationship further with future projects involving robotic surgery in association with Mid Essex NHS Health Trust.
30 Apr 2010 Imaging guidelines for GPs
New guidelines have been posted which will enable doctors in the community to request radiology imaging of patients, if they wish, prior to referral. The pathways can be downloaded as a pdf for use in the clinic as required.

Authored by Ranjan Thilagarajah

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