renal cancer

Q | what are the treatments available for renal cancer?

A | If the cancer is localised to the kidney, surgical nephrectomy is usually advised. This can be an open nephrectomy or laparoscopic nephrectomy. If a patient has a very small cancer, there are situations where continued observation of the patient may be appropriate over active treatment. If you have poorly functioning kidneys or a single kidney for some reason, you may be advised to have a partial nephrectomy.

If your kidney cancer has spread beyond the kidney to other organs you may be suitable for chemotherapy or immunotherapy, which will be discussed with the urologist and oncologist.

In certain situations, a nephrectomy may be advised in the presence of metastatic disease as occasionally it may give symptomatic relief to the patient and may also have a beneficial effect on the metastatic deposits.

Your urologist will discuss the pros and cons of all of these options with you on an individual basis at your consultation.