flexible ureterorenoscopy (FURS) and laser

Q | what is a FURS?

A | Flexible Ureterorenoscopy (FURS) is a preferred treatment for small stones within the kidney using a very thin flexible telescope that can be passed up from the female urethra or end of penis in a man, into the bladder and up the ureter (tube connecting the kidney to the bladder. FURS is offered in the following circumstances:

  • Small stones present in the kidney
  • Stones resistant to shock wave lithotripsy treatment
  • It can also be used to diagnose other abnormalities within the kidney such as unexplained pain or bleeding

FURS ScopeThe laser is a very fine fibre that can be passed up through the scope to the kidney. Energy from an external power source can break up stones or act as a “spot welding” tool for bleeding points, for example.