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metabolic stone analysis

Q | the MSA process

A | The initial consultation takes approximately 45 minutes. In the first instance you will go through your medical and stone history and the MSA process will be explained to you. A series of blood tests and urine samples will be taken for laboratory investigation and before you leave you will be given a large container in which to collect your 24-hour urine specimen. You will be asked to complete a fluid diet diary for 7 days. It is advisable to complete both your fluid diet diary and 24-hour urine test within one week of consultation. You will be required to return the 24-hour urine container to the laboratory and post the completed fluid diet diary, as instructed at the consultation.

Once all the specimens and diet diary have been returned, the results will be collated and the final MSA report will be produced. Depending on the MSA findings, you will also receive one or more dietary advice sheets which list foodstuffs that you may be advised to reduce or avoid. These advice sheets cover a wide range of foods and beverages including some that have been flagged up in your personal diet diary. There may be specific findings within the report that need to be discussed in detail, especially if any blood or urine abnormalities are encountered that require medication.