rigid ureteroscopy

Q | the rigid ureteroscopy procedure

A | Rigid ureteroscopy is carried out under a general anaesthetic. The first step is to examine the bladder with a telescope and to pass a guidewire and plastic tube up into the ureter (the pipe with connects the kidney to the bladder).

X-ray contrast (dye) fluid is injected up the tube in your ureter. This outlines the upper urinary system on X-ray and acts as a “roadmap for the ureteroscopy procedure. The telescope is then advanced up alongside the guide wire up the ureter tube. The surgeon can manoeuvre the scope until the stone is seen. Using a video image transmitted to a computer screen, it can be shattered using the laser fibre and power source. Once fragmented, the pieces can be removed using a tiny wire basket, which is passed up through the FURS scope.