HIFU for prostate cancer Q&A

contraindications for HIFU treatment

  • Calcium deposits within the prostate. This may affect prostate visualization during the treatment leading to poor results.
  • Previous treatment with brachytherapy. The presence of permanent radioactive seed implants will prevent effective HIFU treatment.
  • Rectal abnormalities such as rectal fibrosis or stenosis may prevent suitable placement of the treatment probe.
  • The presence of an artificial prosthesis such as an artificial urinary sphincter, penile prosthesis or intraprostatic stent. The prosthesis may be damaged during HIFU treatment and visualization of the prostate during treatment may be difficult.
  • Patients wishing to remain sexually active. There is at least a 50% risk of the patient becoming impotent after HIFU treatment. Although this is a high percentage, it compares favourably with other treatments such as radical prostatectomy where impotency rates can be as high as 90%.