robotic partial nephrectomy

the robotic assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy operation

Once in the operating theatre, you are turned on your side and prepared for laparoscopic "keyhole" surgery. Four small incisions are made and the robotic instruments are introduced into the body. The surgeon controls the robotic instruments to dissect the kidney with tumour and main blood vessels supplying the kidney. Once all is ready, the blood vessels are clamped within the body and the cancer growth is removed using robotic micro scissors. The defect in the kidney is then repaired using surgical stitches and small clips to stop any bleeding prevent any urine leak. The clamps are then removed. The patient will usually have a small drain placed at this time as a precaution to remove any excess fluid around the operative stitch line immediately after the operation. A urinary catheter tube is also placed at this time. Both drain and catheter are usually removed a few days after the operation and if all is well, you may be discharged within 3-4 days.