robotic partial nephrectomy


Potential complications from partial nephrectomy include:

  • heavy bleeding during the operation requiring blood transfusion
  • conversion to an open procedure if the bleeding cannot be controlled or if the tumour cannot be dissected free during the operation
  • urinary leakage can occur inside the body: treatment of urinary leakage is catheter drainage to direct urine away from the stitch join. A small plastic tube ("J-J stent") may be placed within the urinary system at this stage to protect the surgical stitch join while it heals. This can be removed after about 4 weeks in the outpatient department using a flexible cystoscope
  • "positive margin" this means that the cancer growth may not have been completely removed leaving some cells behind. It has been shown that this does not usually make any difference to the long term outcome of the procedure and you will be under regular review with detailed scans to ensure that no problems arise