I have been extremely happy with the treatment I received while under the care of the Urology Department at Broomfield Hospital.

I underwent a right-sided redo Robotic Pyeloplasty in January 2011, after having had a similar operation 20 years ago to fix a blockage in his ureter. I feel that procedures have advanced in the last 20 years.

After my operation in January, I was discharged from hospital after two days and was back to work in a week. Following his original operation 20 years ago, I was off work for three months.

I feel that the whole process from consultation to discharge has been exceptional.

Pt M McM

Last year I had a hernia operation at Springfield. Although only a day stay, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and care and looked after by a very good nurse. The operation was successful and I am pleased to say I am fully recovered.

Most recently, I presented symptoms of prostate problems to my local GP and he again recommended Springfield Hospital.

I had many procedures and tests before diagnosis – all were fully explained as the process progressed. It was decided, after all tests were completed that I needed a trans-urethral resection – which meant an operation and a two day stay.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the Drs, nurses and staff that I came into contact with both before and during the operation.

Special thanks to Mr Ranjan Thilagarajah who operated on me. Susie Nicols, his right hand man, who was exceptional. Sue Stirling, Pam on the night shift, Jessy George and Ann Wintle who made sure I was fed.

Speaking of food, I have to say, the meal I received after the operation was cooked to perfection, nicely presented and totally delicious. Not to detract from the next day’s meal which was equally as good.

Would you please pass on this letter to the people concerned.

(Name withheld)