The UroLift® system is a proven surgical option for treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. UroLift® is a day case procedure with shorter or no catheterisation that gently opens the urethra without cutting or removing prostate tissue. Uniquely, UroLift® system treatment preserves sexual function with 0% incidence of anejaculation or retrograde ejaculation. The UroLift® system received Interventional Procedures Guidance from NICE in January 2014 and has now been selected for the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme.

Mr Thilagarajah has trained under the guidance of Professor Peter Chin, based in Australia, one of the early surgical advisors in the development of the UroLift® System.

See what these leading GPs have to say about UroLift®:

Dr Sarah Jarvis, presenter on BBC One's The One Show, partner in an inner London GP practice.

Dr Patricia Macnair, resident GP for Yours magazine, Trust Practitioner, Care of the Elderly, Royal County Hospital, Guildford.

Dr Roger Henderson, GP advisor to netdoctor.com, practising GP at Linden Hall Surgery, Shropshire.