Mike's Story

Michael Frost, United Kingdom
UroLift System patient

Having been diagnosed with BPH several years ago, I have managed the condition with Tamsulosin. It has helped but over recent months the common symptoms of urgency and frequency started to recur. Then, in the process of pre-operative checks prior to an inguinal hernia procedure last November, I was found to have a small amount of blood in my urine. This led to further consultations with my GP and then to Consultant Nurse, Susan Nicol and eventually Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Thilagarajah, both of Essex Urology at Springfield Hospital.

Following a flexible cystoscopy, which was by no means painful or in any other way problematic, Mr Thilagarajah advised my suitability for either Green Light Laser surgery or for the newer UroLift System procedure. We discussed the options in some depth and I made other enquires before coming to the conclusion that the apparent advantages of UroLift are such that it is a far less invasive, potentially equally successful and offers a comparatively better recovery.

Just four days later, the procedure was carried out under general anaesthetic. When I came round I was catheterised, which was uncomfortable, but in less than an hour of consciousness and in the recovery area, that tube was removed. Back in on the ward, urine samples were required prior to discharge. Providing these was quite “uncomfortable”, with a bit of bleeding, but by no means “painful”. I was told to expect some discomfort along with “frequency” and “urgency” for a few days and perhaps a little more bleeding. I was advised not to drive for a week and not to lift, push or pull much weight for a couple of weeks, but that otherwise life could return to normal and I was discharged with antibiotics.

For the first 12 hours or so frequency and urgency was apparent, but there were two occasions only with a little blood; other than this, inconvenience and discomfort has been minimal with no incontinence or soiling at all. I have followed instructions to drink plenty of water and find my flow rate already to be greatly improved. What residual sensation there is, is by no means what some of my friends and colleagues have apparently experienced with other procedures and is diminishing daily. Now, 9 days after the operation, I am already glad that I opted for the UroLift system and I am grateful to Mr Thilagarajah and his team at Essex Urology for their care and consideration. At this time I am confident that my BPH symptoms will continue to decrease to a point approaching relative normality over a comparatively short period.

Based on my personal experience so shortly after the procedure, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the UroLift System to deal with the symptoms of BPH in suitable patients; given that this is early days and that apparent success becomes long term efficacy.

Michael Frost

If you would like to discuss this further, Mike has offered to be contacted to talk about his own experience. Call us on 01245 234 158 and we will be happy to pass your contact details on to him for a confidential chat.